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Need to have a backflow prevention system installed on your property? Looking for a certified Mooresville backflow tester? Wicker Trade Service Inc has all of your backflow prevention services in Mooresville, NC covered. We can help you install, test, repair, and replace backflow prevention systems to ensure that your home continues to meet local safety requirements. Our Mooresville plumbing experts are happy to discuss the process and help you design and set up the proper backflow prevention system for your home or business.

What Kinds of Properties Need Backflow Prevention in Mooresville, NC?

Backflow prevention services are required in commercial facilities and multi-family residential buildings. Certain single-family homes are also required to install a backflow prevention system and have it tested annually. If your home runs on a private well system, or if you have any type of irrigation system (such as lawn sprinklers) or yard hydrants, you will need to look into having backflow prevention devices installed. Contact our Mooresville plumbing experts at Wicker Trade Service Inc to discuss your needs–we will help you install the proper backflow prevention system for your home in Mooresville, NC.

What is Backflow? How Does It Develop?

Backflow is the product of a cross connection between the municipal water line and a private plumbing line. Without a working backflow prevention system in place, wastewater from the private line can end up flowing in reverse and come in contact with the city’s clean water supply.

Both backpressure and backsiphonage can cause backflow. Backpressure occurs from an imbalance in water pressure between a private line and the city’s water line. Backsiphonage typically occurs when there is a break in the municipal water main. In both instances, having a qualified Mooresville plumber install a backflow prevention system is crucial to keeping the community’s potable water supply safe.

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